The idea of Breezybnb came about after a barrage of long business trips and too many flights from place to place, none of them home. I tried to Airbnb my property remotely, but between the long hours and time differences, it was almost impossible to achieve a reliable short-term rental income. Some of the biggest barriers to entering the short-term rental market through Airbnb were things that seemed simple enough but became a mission to manage when attempting to organise them remotely.
Organising cleaners, dropping off keys and welcoming guests, or dealing with the occasional but unavoidable emergency (burst pipe!) became a time-consuming practice, and I quickly used up all the favours I could from friends living in the city to get me out of a jam.
That's when a few of us got together and learned that our situation wasn't unique. plenty of business travellers, ex-pats, families and even backpackers were struggling with the personal connection required to run an Airbnb effectively. We knew this was an opportunity to build a company like Breezybnb that you could wholeheartedly trust with your home, a company that would take care of all the small things that often get overlooked when hosts don't have a person 'on the ground' to help.
Combining genuine hospitality with our expert knowledge of rental management and digital marketing makes Breezybnb the perfect company to grow your rental income quickly and effectively. We would love to be given the opportunity to help your earn more from your property, so please give us a call today or contact us!