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    Is Southbank The Best Spot In Brisbane For Airbnb?

    Home Blog Is Southbank The Best Spot In Brisbane For Airbnb?
    south brisbane apartments for rent

    What makes a great Airbnb location in Brisbane? Nearby shopping centers and vendors? A family-friendly environment? Amazing scenic views and historical architecture?

    It really depends on what you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for major attractions nearby and the convenience of restaurants, cafe and entertainment in the area, you’re in luck, Southbank is a great option for you. It’s no wonder that Southbank is a top location for real estate investment if you’re thinking of investing in an Airbnb property. We recently covered some of our favourite apartments here.

    We’ve put together this article to explore why staying in Southbank is so attractive for Airbnb guests, ensuring you a steady supply of guests keen to stay in the area. If you’re considering purchasing or managing a property in the area, we’ve got you covered.

    Check out below for some of the area’s most popular attractions and statistics on Southbank’s average occupancy and estimated rates.


    Brisbane Southside: A Great Location For Airbnb Rentals

    room for rent in brisbane city
    Brisbane is a popular place with tourists, and Southbank is the ideal neighborhood for Brisbane tourists to stay in. Southbank has a huge variety of museums, popular tourist attractions, shopping centers, parks, recreation centers, not to mention unique vendors.

    Known as a cultural, educational and recreational precinct in Brisbane, Southbank is a popular suburb of South Brisbane located on the southern bank of the Brisbane River.

    Southbank is rich in cultural history and lush nature attractions like the South Bank Parklands. The Parklands are the premier public parks of Brisbane, with stunning river views and world-class eateries.

    private rental listings brisbane
    Southbank is located across the river from the QUT Gardens Point Campus. It’s also near the Queensland Children’s hospital and the famous Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), one of the leading institutions of contemporary art in Australia, featuring over 17,000 works of contemporary art.

    One of the most notable attractions in Southbank is the Nepalese Peace Pagoda. The structure was handcrafted with 80 tones of hard-carved timber from Nepal’s southern jungles. The structure took two years to build and now resides in the Southern Parklands. Visitors go to the Nepalese Peace Pagoda to get some peace away from the bustling city.

    So why stay, rent, or buy in Southbank? What’s all the hype?

    Not only is Southbank a mecca for cultural attractions and convenience, there are some amazing residential buildings in the area.

    Buildings like the Brisbane Sky Tower and Lucid Apartments are known for their comfort, luxury, and convenience. The Brisbane Sky Tower offers a beautiful view of the vibrant Southbank metropolis. Located in the center of the city, visitors are walking distance from the City Botanic Gardens and several upscale dining options at Eagle Street Pier.

    The tower offers breathtaking scenic views of Brisbane and beyond. Sky Tower views extend across Moreton Bay to Stradbroke Island and continue as far as the Gold Coast. Visitors of the Sky Tower enjoy exceptional fine dining and beautiful art throughout the property.

    south brisbane apartments for rent
    The Brisbane Sky Tower offers 1 to 3 bedroom luxury apartments equipped with wifi, flat-screen TVs and full kitchens. Property prices vary, but the potential for return on investment on a Sky Tower property is substantial.

    Lucid is another amazing residential building with Airbnb options available. With development and architecture by Mirvac Design, the building is a convenient accommodation in South Brisbane for Airbnb guests.

    If you’re hunting for South Brisbane apartments to rent out, consider checking out Lucid. The building is located just two stops away from Brisbane Central and offers amazing options for 2-bedroom units.

    Lucid is especially great for tourists attending shows at the nearby Performing Arts Centre and the Convention Centre, just one of the many reasons why Airbnb guests choose Brisbane Southside as a prime location for their stay in Brisbane.


    High Average Occupancy And Daily Rates

    If you’re looking for more practical and statistical reasons to look for houses for rent in South East Brisbane, you may want to consider the average occupancy and daily rates for private rental listings in Brisbane.



    occupancy rate apartments for rent brisbane
    High rental demand and occupancy rate


    Southbank’s convenient location and excellent reputation has led to a high rental demand and occupancy rate. Real estate agents in South Brisbane highly recommend acting fast if you are looking for an apartment to rent out for Airbnb investment in Brisbane City.

    Whether you’re looking for townhouses for rent in Brisbane Southside or houses for rent in Brisbane South, South Brisbane has an A market grade and people love the neighborhood. Apartments for rent in Brisbane are in high demand, the neighborhood’s rental demand is at a 97 and the occupancy rate is 90%.



    average daily rate private rental listings brisbane
    Increase in average daily rate since 2016


    Staying in Southbank is surprisingly affordable for Airbnb guests considering its high demand, historical value, and tourist attractions. Southbank rental apartments have an average daily rate of between $144 and $169, with costs peaking in September. Southbank’s rental demand and occupancy rates have increased continuously since 2016. The area has an average of 380 properties available for rent with approximately 300 occupied in 2019.



    rental revenue room for rent in brisbane city
    Rental revenue has been consistently high


    Needless to say, Southbank rental apartments are in high demand, likely because of the great amenities and convenience of the neighborhood. 1 bedroom units for rent are very popular and in high demand for travelers and tourists.

    If you are considering investing in a property in Brisbane Southbank, you’ll be glad to know that the return on investment has consistently increased yearly for the past 4 years. These favorable stats ensure a solid return on investment properties in the area when rented out as Airbnb apartments.

    rental properties brisbane southern suburbs
    Ultimately, Southbank is an amazing spot for Airbnb in Brisbane. With tourist attractions a stone’s throw away and all kinds of international cuisine in the area, there is a clear opportunity for a solid return on investment properties when they are rented out as Airbnb apartments. Southbank’s average monthly rental revenue is $2,918 as of April 2019 and it typically peaks in July and January. Other parts of Brisbane have also enjoyed an increase in Airbnb rentals – see our post on Airbnb In Brisbane for more.

    High demand rates in Southbank could make managing your Airbnb a bit tedious. If you want to save yourself some work, consider using an Airbnb property management company. Breezybnb successfully manages a range of apartments in Brisbane and other great neighborhoods in Australia and can help you increase your Airbnb rental revenue. Contact us for a consultation today.

    Do you have any questions you'd like us to help with? Find out more about how Breezybnb can help you manage your Airbnb property!