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    Your Awful Airbnb Photos Are Costing You Money

    Home Blog Your Awful Airbnb Photos Are Costing You Money
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    Wondering why your Airbnb hasn’t been getting booked? It may be your pictures. Your Airbnb photos may be costing you money. By taking a few easy precautions, Airbnb hosts can maximize their profit and increase their bookings with new and improved pictures. We’ve compiled a few tips that will help any Airbnb host transform their listing and increase their profitability on Airbnb.

    Why Take Great Photos For Your Airbnb Apartment Listing?

    Taking great photos for your Airbnb can transform your entire listing. Avoiding major mistakes with Airbnb images will enhance your first impression. Guests look for clear and vivacious photos that display the space in a pleasing manner. Guests see the photos on a host’s profile before they see the details of the listing.

    The main photo is the most important part of your Airbnb listing.

    The first photo should grab the user’s attention and bring them in to see more. The key photo generates more views and clicks which can ultimately generate more bookings and more money.

    Following these tips will help any Airbnb host post the perfect photos for their Airbnb listing.  

    Tips For Taking The Best Airbnb Apartment Photos  

    Lead Photo Should Be Landscape-Oriented

    The lead photo is the key photo. Be sure to format your lead photo with landscape orientation. The key photo should be wider than it is tall. The Airbnb platform and most, if not all, other listing sites are formatted to favor photos in Landscape format. This one tip can change the entire view of your Airbnb listing.

    Portrait photos may not allow for the full image to be properly shown. A tall and long photo will waste space for the thumbnail and could possibly produce a distorted image. Viewers may see a blurry cut-out if the photo orientation is off. The key photo will show as a banner on your Airbnb listing screen, banners go across the top of the page and work best with a landscape orientation.

    The key photo and all the photos should have a minimum resolution of 1024 x 638 px. Airbnb recommends hosts to go higher and use the best resolution available for their image.

    The key photo should be clear and impressive. We suggest using a clear shot of the outside of the building or home.

    Clean and Style Your Apartment

    Think about it, if you were the Airbnb guest, would you want to book a dirty or dingy spot? Be sure to clean your space and remove any mess or clutter that will make for an unpleasant photo.

    Your Airbnb unit should be spotless. We suggest showing off a clean and airy space with a lot of natural lighting. If you’re short on time, an Airbnb property manager will be able to maintain your apartment for you and replenish supplies for guests.

    Take a day to properly clean your space, or, if you have some extra cash, hire a cleaning service to bring your space to tip-top shape. Hosts may even want to add some decorations to their apartment or home to make the photos more appealing.

    Keep Your Apartment Bright

    The lighting of your space can change the entire mood of your Airbnb photos and your entire listing. Lighting with a yellow glare or a brownish tint can be a turn-off for interested guests.

    We suggest using a soft lighting structure with brightness and lots of natural light, if possible. We suggest not to use yellow or colored lighting, they just make the photo look a little less appealing.

    Use A Wide-Angle Lens  

    Wide angle lenses open up the room and allow for more space to be captured.

    Especially for your key photo, which should be landscape orientation. Wide angle lenses create a more peripheral vision and ultimately open up the landscape. A wide-angle lens focal point is less than 35mm, they are the optimal choice for clean and concise Airbnb photos.

    Take High-Resolution Photos  

    High-resolution photos make for a more enjoyable and appealing experience for viewers. Airbnb recommends a resolution of 1024×638, but going higher is recommended. As long as the aspect ratio is 3:2, the photos will not get distorted or blurry.

    A clear photo makes for a more beautiful image. The photo should be bright and well balanced. Poor quality photos are easy to recognise. Ask someone, perhaps a photographer friend if you have one, to take a look at your Airbnb photos to get their opinion on the clarity and visibility of the photo.

    Show What’s Special About Your Apartment

    This is the perfect time to be a show-off! Highlight the great aspects of your space so that they can be seen as signature stand out elements. Highlighting the unique items on your listing can increase the price and increase the bookings. Don’t forget to read these tips on making your home Airbnb ready.

    Here are a few things you may consider highlighting in your space:

    • Unique or antique furniture
    • Rare amenities and fun additions like an indoor fireplace.
    • Interesting decorations
    • New and fun technology in the home
    • Specialties like hammocks or swing sets for kids

    Look At Competitors’ Photo Listings  

    Yes, Airbnb can get competitive. Other listings in your area may have more amenities or be affordable, but with the right photos, your listing can stand out in the crowd. Here are a few things to consider when scoping out the competition:

    • Search your listing against the competitions. Check if your key photos stand out amongst others
    • Compare your Airbnb photos with mainstream and traditional vacation rental photos.
    • Think of what amenities or additions you have that others are not showing in their photos.

    Increase Your Profits With Great Airbnb Photos

    Here is a list of ways you can enhance your photos to directly increase your profit on Airbnb.

    • Get more bookings with better photos  – As mentioned before, the better the photo, the better the bookings. Airbnb hosts have greatly increased their profits by investing in quality photos.
    • Get photos professionally taken – Hiring a professional photographer could change everything. An Airbnb photographer can cut the hassle and take great photos of your apartment.  
    • If you just don’t have the time to invest in optimising your Airbnb page, you may want to consider getting your property managed by an Airbnb property manager.

    Airbnb property managers take the hassle out of the Airbnb process. Users don’t need to worry about taking the perfect pictures or creating the perfect Airbnb descriptions. Airbnb property managers at Breezybnb will create a beautiful listing page for you and communicate with your guests at an affordable price.




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