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    Making Over A Room For Airbnb – Dos And Don’ts

    Home Blog Making Over A Room For Airbnb – Dos And Don’ts
    Airbnb do's and don'ts make over tips

    Are you planning to start making extra money by listing your home or part of it on Airbnb? The great thing is that there are several makeover hacks that can help make your listing stand out. In this handy guide, we look at major dos and don’ts when giving your room a new look for your Airbnb guests.


    1. Repaint the Room

    Repainting your room is one of the most effective Airbnb renovation hacks. You may have done everything right, but if the room’s walls and the ceiling still look old and dull, it won’t attract Airbnb guests. The best strategy is chipping off peeling old paint or using the correct type of sander for sanding it off and doing a full repainting of your room. Use a neutral colour palette because it’s more appealing. Definitely avoid bold hues unless it goes well with your interior decor. We think statement furniture pieces may be a safer bet than bold colours which can be overwhelming for some guests.

    Airbnb bedroom makeover

    2. Decorate the Room

    If you want to attract the attention of Airbnb guests, consider including suitable decorative pieces in order to target a certain audience of guests. If you are planning to host families with kids, your choice of interior decor should be different from the type that would appeal to youthful couples. Colours and statement pieces can make a previously-boring room look bright and cheerful, but be careful to strike a good balance so that your pieces are not too large or garish.

    3. Keep the Room Spacious

    Another effective makeover tip for an Airbnb room is making it look spacious and bright. This is a factor most Airbnb guests look for. If the room appears congested, small, and dark, very few will be interested and this will affect your Airbnb bookings. Some tips for a spacious room include adding mirrors and going with light colours when it comes to wall colours and furnishings. Don’t forget not to overdo it with furniture sizes! Smaller furniture will help your room look bigger.

    Airbnb room makeover

    4. Go Green

    More and more people are appreciating the importance of going green and are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products. You can conserve the environment and still make money off your Airbnb hosting by going green. Consider installing a solar lighting and heating system. Choice of curtains to allow more natural light in the room can also help make your home more attractive.

    5. Upgrade Plumbing and HVAC System

    Airbnb guests are very concerned about the plumbing and HVAC system. No one wants to rent a room without hot water or air conditioning. Make sure your plumbing and A/C system is working fine by servicing them regularly and replacing old appliances and accessories with better quality options.

    5. Keep Cables Hidden

    Not only is this an important consideration for safety reasons, it also lends itself to much nicer photos of your space. If you have the capacity, it’s always a good idea to mount the TV and have any cables run inside your wall. If you have a work space setup, its a good idea to make the needed cables like your hdmi or internet connections accessible while organising the powerboards by mounting them to your desk and shortening the leads using zip ties – check out this handy home office cable management guide for some more useful tips.


    1. Don’t Make It Personal

    Remember that your Airbnb room is not personal but a business. This is one big mistake homeowners make. Make sure the makeover does not reflect your taste but always renovate with guests’ needs and tastes in mind. You can never go wrong with abstract art and neutral colours, not to mention comfortable, modern furnishings.

    house makeover for Airbnb

    2. Don’t Try DIY Projects

    The biggest mistake you can make is trying a DIY Airbnb makeover project. Although you can do some renovations such as repainting on your own, you may not be able to complete more complicated renovation tasks without a professional plumber or contractor and may incur additional costs in repairs or property damage if you do it wrongly. Involve professional contractors in all aspects of the renovation work.

    3. Don’t Go Cheap

    For longevity purposes, use quality and durable materials and furnishings for the makeover. Don’t be tempted by cheap materials because they tend to be low quality and you will find yourself constantly having to maintain and repair those items when they peel off, with the number of guests that will be using your room regularly. This will cost you more money and inconvenience in the long run – so always make sure whatever furniture you buy is sturdy and easy to maintain.

    There are so many factors to consider when remodeling your Airbnb room. With these dos and don’ts, you can make the most out of your Airbnb hosting experience. Make sure you involve professionals in the entire makeover project for desired results.

    Room makeover all done? See what to do while preparing for your very first AirBnb guest.

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