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    Airbnb Management Bangkok

    Discover how much more you could earn today

    We Make Airbnb Hosting A Breeze

    Increase Your Rental Income

    Get 50%-100% more rental income on your property through short-term leasing


    We manage everything for you. From check-in through to cleaning & linens and everything in between.

    Flexible Renting

    Rent your home when you want. No subscriptions or long-term tenants Just pick your dates & we'll do the rest!

    Will & Jess - Brisbane

    Breezybnb are the kings of superhosts! Our booking rate skyrocketed once they took over and we’ve never looked back. A truly premium service at a more than reasonable rate. If you’re not getting bookings, then herein lies your answer.

    Yeny - Hong Kong

    Breezybnb really do think of everything! From setting up my listing, taking awesome photos and ensuring the place is cleaned, to checking in and reviewing our guests. I highly recommend you give them a try!

    Rob - Gold Coast

    Breezybnb have been great. They’ve saved me a great deal of time and countless headaches from trying to juggle the bookings for our two homes.

    Cho – Hong Kong

    I love to travel and met new people. I have had the chance to travel the world quite a lot which means I’m often not in the country and my apartment is left empty. Getting Breezybnb to look after my apartment was the best decision I’ve made. My apartment is always booked when I’m not around and I earn much better rental returns than what I was getting on long-term tenants, with better flexibility.

    What We Do

    Airbnb Setup

    Airbnb Setup

    We will create an eye-catching profile for your home with a detailed description and professional imagery.

    24/7 Property Management

    24/7 Property Management

    Round the clock check-ins, on call support for your property, and your guests.

    Guest Communication

    Guest Communication

    Guest communication, booking and screening checks.

    Housekeeping Services

    Housekeeping Services

    Laundry and cleaning for each guest changeover all sorted.

    Home Replenishments

    Home Replenishments

    Regular property inspections and replenishment airdrops included.

    Home Styling

    Home Styling

    Need to make your space a home? We can organise everything your guests will need for a 5 star stay.

    Learn More About Airbnb Management in Bangkok

    Airbnb properties all over Thailand are becoming more and more popular. With so many people visiting and passing through Bangkok, smart travellers are swapping expensive hotels for the creature comforts of a ‘home away from home’ vacation rental instead. With so many great deals available travellers are foregoing the not just hotels but even hostels, and as a result Airbnb’s are booming all over the country – but nowhere more so than Bangkok. Tourism is reported to have been worth US $56 bn in 2018 across Thailand, with 41m unique visitors to Bangkok specifically expected in 2019, up from 38m in 2018. With so much to offer, this already world-famous destination is only going to get more popular.

    Bangkok attracts a wide range of travellers, with many luxurious options for the high-end traveller, but with such great prices airbnb’s are increasingly viable even for budget travellers. Smart travellers know they can take advantage of Bangkok’s low rental prices to find high quality apartments and condos at great prices.

    Our experts can help you take advantage of the short-term rental and holiday rental markets, to ensure your Airbnb property is making the best rental return possible. Without you having to do a thing!

    We Specialise in Bangkok Property Rentals

    Probably the most off-putting factor with short term and holiday leasing is the hassle – managing guests and bookings might seem like a lot of work. With Breezybnb however, there is no need for extra stress and hassle as we will handle the entire process, from booking, check in, check out and way beyond. We’ll even take care of guest communication, guest screening, cleaning, linens, AND reviews. Our set up service includes professional photos, creative listing descriptions to make your property shine, and even styling recommendations should you want them.

    Maximise Returns On Your Property

    Moving your property from the traditional long-term rental market to the vacation industry opens your property up to people from all across the world, meaning you are no longer limited to a smaller proportion of the Thai market. For owners of good quality accommodation, the potential for maximising profit with a holiday rental in Bangkok is huge. With the right team behind you, ensuring a steady stream of bookings and looking after your guests to the highest standard, turning your property into a holiday home makes perfect sense.

    We can have your listing up and running in 7 days, so there’s minimal loss in revenue while we get you ready. If you’re still not convinced, then please just type your address into our pricing estimator below to see what other property owners are making in your area. If you’re impressed, then contact us today to get your property earning to its full potential.

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