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    Airbnb ROI in Brisbane

    Brisbane 57th on New ROI Index Ranking For Airbnb Earning Potential

    Property ROI studies have now begun to factor in the Airbnb concept. In Australia, this is particularly the case owing...

    AirBnB in Hong Kong

    Is AirBNB Legal in Hong Kong?

    Airbnb is a hot new online marketplace launched in August of 2008. It connects travelers to those who want to lease...

    AirBnB in Asia

    The Rise of AirBNB in Asia

    Consumers have often sought sustainable economic opportunities. Similarly, business owners have exploited investment...

    Hong Kong Superyacht for Rent in AirBnB

    Luxury ‘Superyacht’ for HK$98,000 a night! Hong Kong’s Most Expensive AirBNB

    Airbnb is becoming the most exciting new way to explore the globe or just escape for a weekend. This online site for...

    Airbnb in Australia

    Airbnb and the Growth of the Share Economy

    Do you remember when the only viable lodging options for traveling were expensive hotels? Airbnb has drastically...

    Airbnb in Brisbane

    Brisbanites Embrace Airbnb’s Second Income

    Brisbanites have embraced the opportunity to earn a second income that has been provided by Airbnb. Consequently, they...

    Airbnb in Australia

    Airbnb is Now a Multi-Billion Dollar Business in Australia

    Airbnb has provided interesting opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Australian people. By 2016, the homes that...

    Brisbane Airbnb Homeowner

    How Brisbane Homeowners Are Capitalizing on Airbnb Popularity

    The growing Airbnb craze is taking Australia by storm. Who would let an opportunity to make extra money pass them by?...

    Tips For First-time Airbnb Hosts

    The advent of the internet came with its fair share of benefits and as we all know, millenials are striving for quick...