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    Luxury ‘Superyacht’ for HK$98,000 a night! Hong Kong’s Most Expensive AirBNB

    Home Blog Luxury ‘Superyacht’ for HK$98,000 a night! Hong Kong’s Most Expensive AirBNB
    Hong Kong Superyacht for Rent in AirBnB

    Airbnb is becoming the most exciting new way to explore the globe or just escape for a weekend. This online site for booking overnight accommodations is extremely popular in Hong Kong. Thousands of Hong Kong residents have rented their houses out to strangers and this number keeps growing every day, even as the platforms legal standing in Hong Kong is brought into question. You can find anything you are looking for on Airbnb.

    AirBnB Hong Kong SuperyachtSome people use it because you can find very affordable rates, other want to try out a luxury experience for a day or two. One great way to do this is to spend HK$$98,000 for a weekend aboard a Hong Kong ‘superyacht.’

    This is currently the most expensive Airbnb experience available in Hong Kong. The yacht can accommodate up to six guests in its three beautifully accommodated bedrooms. You can choose the Master suite, the VIP room, or the guest suite. The yacht even features an on deck cinema. The boat also comes equipped with full state of the art electronic and web equipment.

    The vessel was built in 2013 and it measures a modest 24 meters in length. It is equipped with three bathrooms, and a full 3 person crew to help you with all your needs. There is a full kitchen aboard and breakfast is included each morning. You can have navigation added for an optional HK$10,000.

    The boat is located in lovely Deep Water bay. Beautiful sights will be revealed to you as you cruise along Hong Kong’s Southern protected shores. This beautiful area is located in the southern district of Hong Kong, near Stanley and Ocean Park. One of our professional staff will personally pick you up by dinghy and escort you out to the boat where your adventure will begin!

    You will have the unique option of having one of our crew members set up the movie screen for you and you can watch movies on the deck, under the stars.

    The owner of the vessel, Eric Noyel, thought there would be some interest in his boat on Airbnb, but so far he has only gotten attention from the press and some people in the film industry. He recently commented that he had an interest in sharing economies, values and assets. He stated that he put his boat up on Airbnb because he liked the site and what it stood for. He wanted to put something special on there and he thought people would be curious about it.

    Luxury Superyacht AirBnb Rental

    He made sure that not many will be able to satisfy this curiosity for themselves. The deposit alone to hold the reservation is more than three times the annual salary made by Hong Kong citizens.

    More affordable options do exist on Airbnb like the ‘luxury houseboat’ you can rent for just HK$10,000 a night. This option offers a dining area, master bedroom, a living area and even an exercise bike. This vessel has a lot of open availability if you’d like to book it for your next vacation.

    Recent surveys indicate that almost 30% of all Hong Kong internet users are using sharing services like Uber, crowd funding and Airbnb. Many use these peer-to-peer sites as often as eight times a year. This trend represents a shift in consumer purchasing patterns and clearly indicates we have truly entered a global market economy.


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