Profile Optimization

We will create an eye-catching profile for your home with a detailed description professional imagery.

Booking Management

We manage guest enquiries for you and safeguard your property with our thorough guest screening process.

Dynamic Pricing

Get the best rate possible every night thanks to our best-in-class pricing algorithm which updates your rate daily.

Cleaning, Linens & Resupply

Top notch green cleaning services, fresh sheets, towels & restocked essentials whenever needed.

What Our Clients Think

  • jess & will
    Breezybnb are the kings of superhosts! Our booking rate skyrocketed once they took over and we’ve never looked back. A truly premium service at a more than reasonable rate. If you’re not getting bookings, then herein lies your answer.  
    Will & Jess - Brisbane
  • yeny client
    Breezybnb really do think of everything! From setting up my listing, taking awesome photos and ensuring the place is cleaned, to checking in and reviewing our guests. I highly recommend you give them a try!
    Yeny - Hong Kong
  • rob client
    Breezybnb have been great. They’ve saved me a great deal of time and countless headaches from trying to juggle the bookings for our two homes.
    Rob - Gold Coast
  • cho client
    I love to travel and met new people. I have had the chance to travel the world quite a lot which means I’m often not in the country and my apartment is left empty. Getting Breezybnb to look after my apartment was the best decision I’ve made. My apartment is always booked when I’m not around and I earn much better rental returns than what I was getting on long-term tenants, with better flexibility.
    Cho – Hong Kong

Want to earn more from your rental property?


1What is Airbnb Management?
Breezybnb Airbnb management is a service that operates to aid you in managing your Airbnb listing to allow you to do better things with your time. If you are currently advertising your property or have done so in the past, you know how much hassle it can be ensuring your apartment is stocked and ready for guests, meeting and greeting people on arrival, explaining to your visitors the ins and outs of your home, and cleaning and tidying everything once they have left. Our Airbnb management services take care of all of this for you. We can even help you set up a listing including taking photos and writing descriptions if you have not yet listed your house or apartment online. Airbnb management makes it easy for you to maximise profit from your property while minimising the amount of effort you need to put in to get a return.
2What services can Breezybnb help with?
As mentioned above we can help you with managing your property e.g. cleaning and servicing, advertising your listing, taking photos, and even writing a description for your home. We understand that many of your time poor and this restricts your ability to list your home online, which is why we have set up this service. In Hong Kong especially where apartment and house prices are extremely high and in demand and when many expats enjoy the luxury of having their companies pay for their apartment, it can be quite lucrative to rent out your home while you're away on holiday or just not using the space.
3Which cities do Breezybnb operate in?
Breezybnb is a global company, and are open to helping people in any city anywhere in the world. Get in contact with us and find out how we can help you. The main cities we operate in currently are Hong Kong in China, and in Brisbane, Australia. That said we have an extensive network of people all around the globe and we are ready and willing to help you should you need it.
4Is Airbnb legal?
The legalities of Airbnb differ in various countries however even in countries where outdated laws prohibit short-term rental, thousands upon thousands of people still advertise and stay at these properties on a daily basis. Similar to the way Uber changed the world with their ride-sharing app, Airbnb has shaken the global accommodation market to its knees and created an entire new and essential industry which is already led to many governments around the world updating their laws to suit.
5How can i get started?
Simply getting contact with us today and find out how we can help either set you up a listing on Airbnb, or improve your current listing and marketing efforts to yield you greater profits for less time investment. We have helped establish and build the portfolios of hundreds of entrepreneurial property owners and renters around the globe and we can do the same for you. Make Airbnb short-term property rental a breeze with Breezybnb’s management services.
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