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    Airbnb Listing SEO

    Breezybnb knows that creativity and strategy go a long way in boosting your property on Airbnb’s search rankings.

    More eyes on your listing means more bookings. Let’s make your property shine.

    Airbnb guests are looking at a variety of features when they’re searching for a place to stay. Whether they’re looking for an excellent deal or someplace on the more luxurious side, the results that Airbnb shows to them are the ones that best suit their search. We can help improve Airbnb ranking & visibility with some handy tradecraft secrets!

    How to increase views on Airbnb?

    Our mission is to get your listing to appear in as many focused searches as possible. When your property is found first amidst competition, Airbnb guests are more likely to book your property without looking at the infinite other options that are provided. Noone wants to search through thousands of listings; if your property fits their needs, they’re going to book it so they can continue on with their day without having to worry anymore.

    This is why it is so important to help boost your listing to the top of the search. There are thousands of options and it’s easy for a listing to get lost amidst the chaos. With this being the case. it is vital to ensure your listing shows up at the top of Airbnb search results and we know how to get it there.

    Simply put, when your listing is found ranking at the top of the search on Airbnb, you’ll have a better chance to get your property booked. This has the potential to increase your return on investment over a shorter period of time. By appearing at the top of searches, it is possible to earn extra tens of thousands of dollars over the course of listing your property.

    Airbnb SEO is based on data

    Although it is possible to simply create a listing for your property and toss it into the short-term rental market, the impressive return on investment results that you’re looking for is not going to come that easy. While you will likely have times where your property is booked, you’re not going to maximize your occupancy this way. As a property owner, you want to increase your listing visibility and occupancy as well as your average nightly rate, resulting in the sweet return on investment you’re focusing on.

    With Breezybnb, we’re getting this done utilizing data and consistent analyses to improve your listing and rank it on Airbnb. This is how we keep the bookings flowing and get you the best return on investment possible.