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    Property Developers

    Make your development the pick of the bunch with innovative income streams

    Short-Stay Rental Management for Developers

    Breezybnb provide you with the full-service management


    Let Breezybnb provide you with the full-service management you need.

    When you’re looking for someone to fully take care of all the ins and outs of your short-term rental property, with us, your keys are in the right hands. We’re capable of managing and operating short-term rentals in strata-titled buildings. With this expertise on-hand, our on-site letting agents allow property owners to get their piece of the Airbnb pie.


    Building Management

    It’s your building’s time to shine with Breezybnb. Beautiful buildings contribute to the success of short-term rentals on Airbnb and with this fact known, we ensure guests and permanent residents are impressed with the extra steps we take to manage buildings flawlessly.

    Building Management

    Letting Rights


    Letting Rights

    24-hour five-star service is what we provide. With Breezybnb, property owners can rest easy knowing that they’re receiving the utmost value regarding their property management. We handle everything effectively, minimizing the chance of any issues.

    6% rental guarantees offered.

    An easy choice to make.

    Revenue Split

    Helping properties reach their full potential is a Breezybnb priority. While working with our developers, we increase overall returns relating to development. There are also times that we work closely with property owners or even in partnership with some of the current letting operators. Regardless of whom we work with, your interests are our interests.

    24-Month Guarantee

    An unheard of minimal rental yield is something we offer in this guarantee. It’s also possible to receive a bonus of extra returns as we find additional upsides in the market. With this guarantee, we set high expectations regarding what Breezybnb will do for clients within the first 2 years of working together.

    Let’s discuss what Breezybnb can do for you.

    Earning more from a property investment is always a possibility. Contact our team and let’s talk about what we can do to earn your buyers the returns they’re looking for.