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    Short answer: yes.

    Looking for a slightly longer answer? Heck yes.

    That’s right. We can get your bare rental property to reach its full potential when you opt for a Home Setup Package. With this package, you’ll get everything needed to take that empty rental property and transform it into a five star Airbnb you’ll be proud to claim as your own.

    With the Home Setup Package, everything is included.


    That’s right. Everything.

    You’ll get your property an entire makeover with this package. The package deal brings together an interior design plan, installation and sourcing of furniture, and a once-over styling that will make it ready for the professional photography sesh.

    All of the furniture items that are included with this package are listed right here so you’ll know precisely what you’ll get.

    We’ll also have your property ready to welcome guests within just 7 working days, making this a service that will have your investment earning for you in no time at all!

    Is your property brand new or currently empty? We can help.

    The majority of the properties we manage aren’t furnished upon the property owners handing their keys over to us. So if your property doesn’t have what it needs to welcome your guests in style, we can make sure to get it properly furnished.

    What does this mean? Well, for starters, we can take an empty rental property and transform it into a beautiful paradise for future guests. The styling, the furnishing, and everything else that works together to get your property booked through Airbnb will be handled.

    In short, we help empty rental properties reach their full potential. By the time we’re done with your property, it’ll be the five star Airbnb you need to get the awesome returns you want. Oh, and did we mention the property will be ready to greet guests within just 7 working days?

    With the experts on our interior team working on your property to get it properly styled, furnished, and listed online, you have nothing to worry about. Your property will be ready to greet your guests with an Airbnb experience that they’ll happily tell all of their friends about.

    Is it metropolitan areas only? What about regional areas?

    The properties we’re managing are located all throughout Hong Kong, Australia, Taipei, and Thailand. We’re managing properties found in some of the hottest spots in the country!

    Breezybnb is also managing properties located throughout some of the regional centers of each country. With this being said, reach out to us about any special needs your property might have and know we’re ready to discuss the details in full.

    Having properties spread throughout the world means we’re super versatile. You’ll find us handling property management in more countries each month, so if you have a short-term property you need managed, reach out!

    Don’t worry, we’ll organize it all for you.

    All short-term rental properties need to have two complete sets of linen for all of the beds and guests.

    When you opt for one of our Home Setup Packages, you’re getting all of the linen included with that purchase. Also, know that we’re going to replace all the linen every few months to ensure guests are given the highest quality linen possible.

    Bathrooms and bedrooms require the following linen:

    • Two hand towels for each bathroom
    • Two bath mats for each bathroom
    • Two towels for each person
    • Four pillows on each of the beds
    • Eight pillow covers for each of the beds
    • A quilt for each bed
    • Two quilt covers for each bed
    • Two fitted sheets for each bed
    • Two flat sheets for each bed

    You might be wondering about what we can do for you if your property has already been furnished and you’re in need of the proper amount of linen for each guest… Not to worry! We’ll provide linen to you at our wholesale rates!

    Even though Airbnb is a giant in this industry, we know there are a lot of other places we can list your short-term rental property.

    Let’s face it – Airbnb is dominating the short-term rental property industry and we all know it. With this being admitted, the fact of the matter is that the majority of our bookings are coming from Airbnb. And that’s not a problem!

    We understand that Airbnb is a big chunk of the bookings we’re achieving but that doesn’t stop us from listing your property on a variety of other websites. These sites include TripAdvisor, Agoda, Expedia,, and Stayz, but we go way further than simply listing your property on these sites.

    We understand the importance of listing your property across a multitude of platforms because by doing this, we’re capable of increasing the average nightly rate your property is going for while ensuring your property is going to have incredible occupancy rates.

    Sounds like a win, right? Right.

    Let’s look at the facts.

    When you get more bookings, you earn more money. More money means higher returns. Higher returns… Well, this means a better year for you (financially speaking, of course).

    This is why we spread your listing over 30 booking channels.

    Promoting your property’s listing throughout more than 30 global short-term rental and hotel accommodation booking websites means that your listing is going to reach more eyes.

    That’s right. Over 250 million travelers’ eyes to be semi-exact!

    We’re going to expand your reach through these channels, dominating the niche and global channels, resulting in more bookings. You can expect us to put your listing in front of over 250 million travelers each month and as much as 25 percent more bookings.

    Your neighbors are obviously important to you and your investment, and with this being the case, they’re important to us as well. We understand how important it is to make sure your neighbors are happy about us managing your property and each time we begin managing a new property on Airbnb, we like to meet the neighbors.

    We’ll introduce ourselves and make sure your neighbors know that if at any point they need to contact someone about the guests, Breezybnb is precisely who they should reach out to.

    With this in mind, we provide all neighbors to our rental properties with a Contact Card from Breezybnb, giving them the contact details they need in case they ever need to get in touch with us. Oh, and they’re going to be able to contact us 24/7 as well.

    Do you have the skills it takes to join us in our mission to provide premium quality property management to property owners throughout Hong Kong, Taipei, or Australia? Then show us those skills and apply to become a part of our team!

    With the immense growth we’re experiencing, we’re constantly hiring qualified professionals. At Breezybnb, we’re always looking for people who can help us help property owners achieve the high returns they’re looking for. If that’s you, get to our careers page ASAP!

    Check out our careers page and look at the roles we’re currently looking to fill within Breezybnb. Whenever there is a position open, this page is where you’ll find more information about the qualifications we’re looking for in a new team member.

    If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a part of our team, put your application through today – that position could be filled as soon as tomorrow!

    What happens with capital gains and income tax?

    How does Airbnb impact my tax?

    All of a property investor’s mortgage and property expenses are not always consistently being covered when a traditional lease is issued. The fact of the matter is that this has the potential to result in the investment being seen as something that receives low tax considerations.

    When you partner with Breezybnb, there is a good likelihood that you’ll find your investment earning in excess of what you need to handle the expenses associated with your property. This is definitely good news for property investors seeking a way to cover their expenses without taking money out of their own wallets.

    With this being said, this will result in a slightly higher tax payable, but it comes with your property generating higher revenues and profits, making this a win-win!

    As experts in our industry, we do what needs to be done to increase earnings exponentially.

    We know the variables that come into play when it comes to raising the earning potential of a property. What are they? Check these out:

    1. Home styling and furnishing
    2. Professional listing descriptions & expert photography
    3. Properly evaluated pricing (we use some in-depth pricing algorithms to find the perfect pricing for your short-term rental property)
    4. Search engine optimization that brings your listing to the top results on Airbnb and a variety of other online platforms
    5. Incredible reviews and communication that pushes for a surplus of good reviews

    These are all taken care of when you partner with Breezybnb – but that’s not all we do – we ensure that your property is capable of charging the best nightly rates while maintaining occupancy, resulting in serious increases in earnings and happy property investors.

    We staff professional copywriters to write killer listings and expert photographers to capture the perfect pictures, contributing to your listing being eye-catching as well as attractive. Visually appealing listings found at the top of Airbnb’s search tend to get booked the most.

    Finding the best price for your short-term rental property is done through our analytics team as they take all numbers into account. These numbers are updated daily, allowing us the insight we need to get you the best nightly price every night. We take the occupancy close to your property, local events, seasonality, and even the local demand into account when determining your property’s nightly prices.

    As SEO experts, we understand that comparable to Google, Airbnb is a search engine. With this being the case, we optimize your listing to get it listed ahead of your competition in the Airbnb search results. Each day, we’re making changes to listings to ensure they outperform other comparable properties, resulting in more potential guests being brought to your listing.

    With guest experiences in mind, we have a team that crafts the perfect five-star experience for your guests prior to their arrival. The result is incredible reviews every time. These great reviews entice other bookings of our properties as we gain trust through all online platforms. All of this working together means your property will have more bookings combined with better nightly rates, bringing you the increase in earnings you’re looking for.

    Who washes the towels and sheets?

    Breezybnb handles the laundering of all linen on the property. This includes the bed sheets, pillowslips, and bed covers. All of the linens are replaced on every single bed following guests checking out of your property. We find that this ensures the freshest of linens to welcome your guests.

    With Airbnb properties having more guests than the long-term property rentals, we understand that there is going to be an increase in the use of towels and linen. This being said, we highlight the importance of replacing these linens, ensuring guests are given the 5-star experiences they’re expecting when they stay with us.

    All of this is done without incurring any additional expenses on your end!

    Every dollar counts. Our goal is simple, to maximize your annual return.

    We’re using algorithms and state-of-the-art technology to drive our pricing. Every day, we find out the appropriate pricing of your property to allow a constant flow of bookings that is paired with super sweet high nightly rates.

    The first thing we do is figure out the price by analyzing the supply of Airbnb properties found in the area your property is in, the number of users that are looking for properties within the area, the number of properties that are currently books, seasonality, future projections that are dependent on events that are coming up, and past trends.

    We take everything into consideration when figuring out the nightly rate for your property and adjust the prices when necessary.

    We’re constantly checking to see that your property is performing as we expect it to. This means that if your property is getting a lot of bookings, we’ll look a little closer and set up the base pricing manually to allow you the higher returns you’re hoping for. If your property isn’t getting enough bookings, we’ll hop on and provide some discounts to draw out the bookings we’re looking for.

    All in all, our efforts assist in determining the pricing and we’re constantly working hard to ensure you the highest nightly rates possible.

    A lot goes into determining nightly rates, but the extra effort helps.

    We’re consistently looking for occupancy figures in every area we have properties in, providing updated figures as often as three times daily. With these figures, our Pricing and Insights Team is able to find the proper price at which your property should rent for nightly.

    Nightly pricing is good, but we’re capable of stretching the amount your property will earn annually even further. With our market experience being paired with technical algorithms, we find the perfect pricing and go beyond the simply nightly pricing; we take yearly pricing into account to ensure your investment is reaching its highest potential earnings by taking advantage of the various rental conditions that will occur over the entire year.

    Understanding the way the market works allows us to take all variables into account, resulting in the higher earnings property investors are looking for when they’re renting out their short-term rental properties.

    Can you really list my property in just 7 days?

    We’ll have your property furnished and ready for listing within just 7 days. This is something we have no problem guaranteeing!

    As soon as you hand over the keys and make your payment, we begin working against the clock. With the time ticking down, we know just how valuable time is and we’re focused on hitting our goal. Your property will be styled, furnished, and professionally photographed within just 7 working days. We’re always on point with our scheduling and always meet the deadlines we give ourselves.

    We work hard to meet deadlines and getting your property listed fast is our priority. Know we’ll put in the time to make it happen!

    You’ll be impressed with what you can earn on Airbnb with Breezybnb.

    Results are important. The decisions we make incorporate data to ensure we’re consistently improving on a property’s performance while increasing returns in the process. Although data might seem a bit – boring – that’s what drives the excellent returns we provide property investors.

    Our mission is to provide our clients with the maximum returns they’re looking for and data is the driving force behind those results. We’re obsessed with data as it really helps to know whenever there are any shifts in the market. Having the right data has the potential to bring forth some serious profits for property investors and we know it’s our job to analyze this data as it comes in. This is why we are constantly finding new data and evaluating the market.

    Looking for a price estimate for your property? add your address into our price calculator for an estimate and to book a call to discuss the options.

    We take property inspections seriously to protect your asset.

    When you decide to go with a traditional property manager, you’ll typically have a property inspection once or twice annually.

    Comparing that to the Breezybnb standard, you’re going to get an inspection once or twice weekly. These inspections occur every time a guest checks in or checks out of your property.

    With this in mind, we perform these in-depth property inspections to provide us with the data showcasing precisely how your property is doing. This allows us to put some preventative measures in place prior to any major issues occurring.

    These inspections are incredibly important because with them, we’re capable of providing the necessary evidence just in case we ever need to obtain refunds from guests or put insurance claims through regarding any damage incurred over the course of a guest’s stay.

    In a hurry to get your property listed?

    Property owners with a property that has already been furnished make it so we can get their property listed fast. We’re capable of getting your property’s listing up and viewable in as few as 48 hours once we receive access to the property and your confirmation to proceed.

    Crafting your property’s listing includes interior styling and professional photography, the words that will entice prospect guests to book (copywriting), listing creation, and distribution to numerous online short-term rental platforms. We’ll have your property ready to accept bookings lightning fast so your investment can start earning as soon as possible.

    With this being said, we typically obtain a property’s first booking within just 24 hours of posting it and the first guest usually arrives within 72 hours of the listing going live.

    Our guarantee to the property owners partnering with us is that we will furnish and photograph your property, having the listing ready within just 7 days.

    As soon as we’re given the keys and your payment goes through, the clock starts and we’re ready to begin working on your property. From that moment, your property will be furnished and professionally photographed within just 7 working days.

    We’re all about making life easy for you. No fuss.

    Property perfection is what we do and we get it done when you need it. In short, the answer is “yes.” We can make it so your property has beautiful blinds or stunning curtains that bring the whole place together. We’ll have one of our team come out and beautify your property by installing the perfect blinds or curtains to adorn your windows.

    The result: Your property will be styled in a way that greets guests with a welcome they’ll never forget.

    If you’re finding yourself in a bind over blinds, reach out to us prior to spending extra money on the expensive choice your developer is likely pushing. Breezybnb always comes through for the win.

    What happens after I sign up with Breezybnb?

    First and foremost, let us welcome you to Breezybnb!

    Upon signing your digital agreement, we’ll send you a welcome email from our Onboarding Team, a team that is completely dedicated to your success as a short-term rental property owner. This email will be sent to the same inbox we sent your contract to.

    What can you expect?

    Well, we’re going to have our team do the following for you:

    1. Schedule the professional styling and photography for your property’s Airbnb listing.
    2. Ensure that your utilities are all ready to go and connected (gas, electricity, and internet).
    3. Begin drafting your Airbnb property listing, highlighting all of the primary selling points that come with your property (as well as where it’s located).

    With our Onboarding Team at the ready to help you through the whole process, your short-term rental property’s success is our guarantee!

    Can you manage fully furnished properties?

    Of course! Regardless of whether or not your property is fully furnished, we’re perfectly capable of managing it. With this being said, we might even send out one of our home stylists to give the property a once-over and provide some advice regarding what can be done to make it even better.

    Although we’re experts when it comes to furnishing the properties we manage, excellent property management is our primary goal. Property management is ultimately what we do best, making it so regardless of whether or not your property is fully furnished, we’ve got you covered from a management perspective.

    Some of the property owners we partner with have had their property listed on Airbnb or have it rented out and furnished prior to our partnership. Even if this is the case, we can come in, provide some top-notch styling, take professional photos, and create the perfect listing within a couple days.

    We’ll send one of our interior team members to check the property out before we list it online to ensure it meets or beats the expectations we know guests have when booking through Airbnb.

    Let’s discuss what your property needs to reach its full potential on Airbnb today.

    We take pricing seriously. The first three weeks can make or break a listings future performance – so it’s super important we get it right.

    At Breezybnb, we’re working hard to ensure your property’s returns are reaching their full potential by pushing for the perfect balance between high occupancy and elevated nightly rates.

    Wondering how we do it?

    This is how we make those high returns on your investment happen.

    The Initial Crunch – 3 Weeks Starting

    Over the course of the first 3 weeks, we’re going to have your Airbnb listing up and ready to entice potential guests. It’s at this point that it’s time to set a positive trend for your property, meaning we want to get this listing right the first time to attract the right eyes and excellent reviews.

    After we list the property, we’ll use Airbnb’s recommended pricing for those initial three weeks. This makes it so the property is more appealing price-wise, preventing guests from second-guessing your property as it has only just recently hit the market. We need to build up your property’s trust at this point and pricing it in this manner goes a long way.

    Airbnb is a search engine that focuses primarily on two variables as opposed to the big picture. The first variable is the nightly price of the property and it’s paired with the average rating of the guest reviews. We need to build up those reviews to get your property off of the ground and this is why we allocate the first three weeks to doing that.

    The recommended nightly price from Airbnb allows us to create an internal rating that is elevated when compared to how it would be it we were to price it differently. With this in mind, we’ll increase the visibility of your listing as it is being pushed higher in the Airbnb search engine.

    The first bookings are the most important as they assist in generating the 5 star guest reviews we need to bring you the success you want in the short-term rental property market. More good reviews means more visibility and with that increase in visibility, we’ll eventually be able to charge a higher nightly rate!

    Following the Initial 3 Weeks

    After we achieve the early bookings and good guest reviews, we’ll begin working on increasing those earnings and reaching your property’s full return potential. The recommended pricing is no longer used at this point and we’ll begin manually entering the nightly rates as we lift your property’s listing using our own pricing algorithms and in-house applications.

    Breezybnb’s Pricing Algorithms

    We’re using pricing algorithms that allow us to automatically update your property listing’s price daily, giving us the ability to obtain the best nightly rates that are possible on any given day. The first price is set by analyzing the Airbnb supply in the area, the number of users that are looking for short-term rental properties in the area, the number of properties that were booked, seasonality, future projections based on events that are coming up, and past trends.

    For example, if the World Cup is coming to your area, our algorithm will notice that and price your property’s nightly rate at a higher rate to increase your returns while meeting the higher demand.

    While this algorithm is working for us, this is not to say that we’re not going to check on how your property is performing constantly. If we notice that the pricing is resulting in a lot of bookings, we’re going to manually up the base price to allow you to earn more per night. If the property is not being booked as much as we think it should, we’re going to toss some discounts on some of the nights to bring on the flow of bookings.

    Booking Up To 3 Months Prior

    Looking over the Airbnb listing will show you that it only allows guests to book your property up to 3 months prior to their arrival. This is nothing to worry about and it’s being done intentionally. After analyzing the data, we’ve noticed that the highest rates for bookings occur in between 14 and 24 days prior. While this depends on the season, allowing booking only 3 months in advance comes with the benefit of earning higher nightly rates. The truth of the matter is that there really isn’t much of a demand for bookings that are way before the guest will stay at your property, making it so the pricing algorithms and applications don’t allow your property the appropriate pricing, resulting in lower returns on your investment.

    The Airbnb Host Channel Fee and Guest Channel fee are paid by guests direct to Airbnb.

    When we post your short-term property rental listing on Airbnb, there are two service fees that will get handled prior to the money hitting your account:

    1. Airbnb Host Channel Fee
    2. Guest Channel Fee

    With the Host Channel Fee, the insurance and costs relating to the processing of the transaction are covered. This is something that Airbnb charges and the charge ranges from 3 to 5 percent. The percentage depends on various factors, including the cancellation policy, total price, and length of stay. These fees are already included in the nightly prices shown to the guest when they are booking through Airbnb so this isn’t something we’ll ever have to worry about.

    The Guest Channel Fee is different but fortunately for you, it doesn’t impact you as the property owner or Breezybnb as the property manager. Once Airbnb confirms that there has been a reservation made, they charge a Guest Channel Fee that ranges from 5 to 15 percent of the subtotal of the booking.

    Calculating the guest service fees is done with a multitude of factors that include the subtotal of the reservation, length of the reservation, characteristics of the listing, and the location that the guest is booking your property from. Generally speaking, when the reservation subtotal is on the higher end of the spectrum, there is usually a lower guest service fee percentage that comes with it.

    Regardless of the specifics regarding the Host Channel Fees and Guest Channel Fees, Airbnb is paid prior to releasing any payments into our trust account.

    Inspections after every booking means no new damage goes unaccounted for.

    Breezybnb knows the importance of checking over a property immediately after guests leave. Once the guests are gone, we send one of our Property Hosts over to perform a property inspection. This allows us to look over the property and find any damage or issues before they become a serious problem, but this added effort also ensures that the property is ready for the next guest.

    Regardless of the preventative measures taken, there are times that accidents occur and we have your back when they do. With Breezybnb, you get a team that is working tirelessly to ensure your property is back and ready to welcome guests without wasting a moment of time. That being said, we’ll get to work and sort out any insurance claim as fast as possible to get your property back to earning.

    Airbnb Host Protection Insurance – Premium Stuff

    With Airbnb Host Protection Insurance, you’re getting a program that provides you with a worry-free mind. You’ll have up to $1 million in protection from third party claims relating to property damage or bodily injury.

    Complete Claims Management Service

    If something happens, we’ll manage your entire claims process. Problems can arise but fortunately, you’ll have our in-house team of legal minds on your side. With the documented evidence and in-house skill-set at your disposal, your property will be ready to welcome guests again in no time at all!

    How much does Breezybnb cost?

    We’re receiving our commissions based on the total amount guests pay for their accommodations on every booking. This means that the commissions never come out of your wallet.

    That being said, our commissions tend to fluctuate depending on where your property is located. For example, a property that is found in a metro area is going to result in a commission that differs when comparing it to the commissions a property in a regional area yields.

    With this in mind, you can request a pricing estimate and we’ll craft a proposal for you to provide you insight regarding what earnings and fees you can expect when partnering with Breezybnb.

    Absolutely everything. Really.

    Nothing is left out when you get a Breezybnb Property Setup Package.

    Everything you could possibly need to have your property ready to welcome guests is included. Televisions, fridges, irons, washing machines, cutlery, art, rugs, pillows, linen, towels, champagne flutes, and more are brought together when a property owner opts for a Home Setup Package. Your property will be filled with anything and everything that it needs to provide guests with five-starve star experiences they’re looking for when booking your property through Airbnb.

    As we all know, the experience we create for guests are what truly contribute to achieving better reviews, making crafting a five-star experience of the utmost importance when working with short-term rental properties. We understand the need to go beyond the necessities to welcome guests and with this kind of effort being put forth, guests will leave incredible reviews for your property.

    The result: a listing that meets and beats guest expectations paired with more bookings.

    What occupancy rate can I expect for my property?

    Returns are important. With this importance in mind, our focus is easy to explain. Our mission is to help your property reach its full potential, maximizing your annual return in the process.

    With the median occupancy that Airbnb properties experience being between 55 and 65 percent on average each month, we understand the importance of being competitive in this industry.

    Breezybnb focuses on maximizing occupancy, averaging nearly 90 percent occupancy throughout the entire year. What’s incredible about our occupancy rate is that we’re also pushing the properties’ average nightly rate to the highest it can possibly go, assisting property investors in obtaining the incredible returns their property is capable of (when partnering with us, of course).

    Our work is never done and we continuously work hard to help your property reach its peak pricing potential without hurting its occupancy. Nightly, weekly, monthly, and annually, you’ll find that the occupancy of Breezybnb properties is constant, resulting in a serious constant cash flow that any property investor will appreciate.

    Simply put… The data we use to attack the market lifts the returns on your investment while we do all the heavy lifting.

    Need an estimate? Let’s see how much your property could be earning you with a Breezybnb partnership.

    When was Breezybnb founded?

    Breezybnb is the go-to property management agency that is pushing for some serious change regarding how people lease residential real estate. We’re helping properties reach their full earning potential by changing the strategy. Knowing long-term rental properties can earn more when they’re made into five-star Airbnb short-term rental properties, we’ve set out to make it happen for property owners across the globe.

    The first property we listed made its debut to the short-term rental property market in 2017 in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

    Upon listing this initial property, we came to two realizations: short-term rental properties yield higher returns when comparing them to the traditional long-term rental properties, but it takes a serious effort. Armed with this knowledge, we worked on making it easier for people to acquire these higher returns by creating technology-driven processes that would ultimately guide property owners towards the earnings they desire.

    Knowing how important such a large investment can be to a property owner, the Breezybnb primary goal is to make short-term property rentals as easy as possible.

    We’re Worldwide.


    The biggest markets we’re targeting at the moment include:

    1. Hong Kong
    2. Brisbane
    3. Gold Coast
    4. Taipei
    5. Bangkok
    6. Chiang Mai
    7. Bali
    8. Sunshine Coast

    We’re managing properties that are as small as inner-city studio apartments to as large as regional estates. There is no short-term rental property that is too big or too small for Breezybnb to take on!

    If you have a short-term rental property that needs property management, Breezybnb will manage it.

    Do I have to arrange cleaners?

    At Breezybnb, our expert hosting services team handle all of the duties associated with the maintenance of your property. This includes the cleanings, reporting, and inspections whenever guests check out.

    While our hosting services team handles the cleaning, they also go beyond this duty – each time a guest checks out of your short-term rental property, they handle the full reporting and photos in accord with Airbnb’s needs. This comes in handy because each time there is an Airbnb check out, we’re required to provide full reporting and photos relating to any damage that is caused by guests.

    The results?

    Fast refunds and repairs that ensure your property is ready to welcome your next guest prior to their arrival.

    We’re providing 5-star experiences, 7 nights per week.

    Do I have to pay for cleaning?

    Every time a guest books your property, they’re covering the cost of cleaning.

    That’s right. Costs associated with cleaning your property are flat rates that are included in the booking, regardless of how many nights the guest will stay.

    For guests that plan on staying at your property for longer periods of time, we also offer extra cleans when they’re requested.

    The estimates related to how much your property is capable of earning through Airbnb don’t include the cleaning costs, meaning the weekly rate that we estimate is the total that goes back into your wallet.

    This means more money for property owners that partner with Breezybnb!

    After you’re done signing up, you’ll be able to contact us regarding anything you need. You’ll have the contact information for our onboarding team, providing you with the answers you need to any question you have. Your success is our priority and being here to guide you is the primary goal of this team.

    If you have any questions pertaining to the pricing, your listing, the dates that you’d like to reserve to stay at your property for yourself, how you can read the account statements, and even how the weather is at your property, our onboarding team is ready to answer them.

    Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This means that you’ll be able to reach out and ask us anything your heart desires regardless of what time zone you’re in. The team is totally dedicated to your success and will jump through hoops to ensure it happens.

    When you partner with Breezybnb, you’re partnering with our team. One of the major working components of this team includes our guest managers who look into any and all guest inquiries all day, every day.

    That’s right. Partnering with us means you have professionals looking after any guest concerns 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

    Our team is constantly working and taking calls 24 hours a day. They’ll respond to any messages we receive as well, ensuring we take care of everything in a timely manner. This is what contributes to the overall awesomeness of guest experiences when Breezybnb is handling property management.

    In turn, we ensure guests have the experience they expect to get when booking a five star Airbnb short-term rental, resulting in excellent reviews of your property.

    Any time a guest needs something from our on-the-ground support, we have one of our local team members ready to reach out to them and head straight to the property. This is the kind of dependable service you can expect when partnering with Breezybnb.

    Maintenance matters are always handled in a timely manner. That’s how Breezybnb ensures your property is always guest ready. We’re always on it and take care of everything without hesitation.

    We understand that when it comes to the short-term rental market, we need to have an incredible turn around time whenever there are maintenance issues that need to be tended to. These properties need to be guest ready, meaning we’re tracking the turnaround time in hours rather than days.

    The system we’ve put in place ensures that any issue we find is identified and an action is put forth to repair it prior to the next guest’s arrival. With this being said, you can be confident that Breezybnb handles maintenance matters fast because we know it matters how fast we respond.

    Post-booking inspections: a must

    Every time a guest stays at one of our properties, we follow up with a property inspection. This is because at Breezybnb, we understand that keeping track of how the property looks and finding any problems before they become serious is imperative to property management success.

    We’re setting high standards for this industry because those are the only standards we know.

    Lightning fast service

    The service providers we work with at Breezybnb are total professionals, meaning when it comes to resolving issues fast, they’re the go-to guys to get the job done! We’re committed to providing the best service possible, so we’re constantly seeking out professionals in their respected fields to make sure we can get jobs done right the first time to save time.

    No cost to you for maintenance

    Guests can cause damage at times and when that happens, we’ve got it covered to ensure money is never taken out of your pocket as a result of any damage they cause. With our time-stamped property inspection photographs taken after each booking, any time there is damage that occurs on your property, we have no trouble charging the guest responsible for the total cost of the damage.

    Other costs

    There are some times in which damage occurs and it isn’t related to your guests. For example, a tree could fall onto a fence or the screens might blow off your patio. If something unexpected occurs, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to get the approval we need to handle the problem in a timely manner.

    You’ll still have lightning fast service for these repairs of course, but we’ll need you to let us know that you want us to go ahead and handle it for you before we make a move.

    Do I have to provide toilet paper?

    Breezybnb has you covered!

    As a short-term rental property management service, we’re dedicated to providing guests with a 5 star Airbnb experience every time. If this doesn’t include replenishing the kitchen and bathroom amenities, what good are we?

    That’s right. Prior to your guests checking in, we go in and handle the kitchen and bathroom amenities to ensure they’re greeted with the fresh stuff they expect. Toilet paper, paper towels, and other amenities are all handled because we understand the need to impress guests.

    Guests will be psyched to see all that Breezybnb does to ensure their experience is nothing short of beyond satisfying when they stay at your property.

    We’ve looked at the data and found that on average the bookings with the highest rates will come in 14 to 24 days in advance.

    Looking over your Airbnb listing, you’ll see that it is only possible for guests to book your property up 3 months prior to their stay. But why?

    So the fact of the matter is that this is actually being done intentionally. After analyzing the data, we’ve noticed that the bookings with the highest rates typically happen between 1 and 24 days prior to the client staying at the property.

    What does that mean?

    Well, depending on the season, this means that by having it so guests can only book your property up to 3 months in advance, your property is going to be more likely to get those super sweet high rates it’s capable of achieving.

    We’ve also noticed that the demand for bookings more than 3 months prior to one’s stay is rather low. Without there being a high demand for bookings, the pricing algorithms and applications are not going to provide your property with the higher rates you should be charging, putting you at risk of earning less of a return on your investment.

    In essence, limiting guests to booking 3 months or less before they plan to stay at your property results in higher rates and better returns for you!

    The cost of cleaning is covered by guests each time they make a booking and doesn’t come out of your accommodation fare.

    When Breezybnb manages your short-term rental property, you’ll no longer have to worry about the cost of cleaning going up. The cleaning prices never change.

    How much do we charge? Well, the price depends on how big the property is. Keep in mind that we do not make any money off of ensuring the properties we manage are clean. This is simply an added bonus of having a Breezybnb partnership.

    The cost of cleaning includes cleaning the property, inspecting the property, and before and after photos that keep your property covered in case of any damage or claims being made. If there is ever an issue, we make sure to have you covered just in case.

    In essence, the cleaning fees actually go beyond simply making your property squeaky clean; they protect you and your asset. With this in mind, you’ll have peace of mind as we manage your short-term rental property.

    Also, the price of the cleaning will never impact how many bookings you get. While the cleaning price might be more expensive than some of the other owner-managed Airbnb’s, we’re only charging the average price for the properties we manage.