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    Property Styling & Furnishing

    We have what you need to make your property listing stand out amidst the competition on Airbnb.

    Home Styling Perfected

    Home Styling Perfected

    Breezybnb puts forth a serious effort to make your property more appealing than the competition and this results in more bookings coming from our listings. We take your empty investment property and create an attractively styled Airbnb short-term rental that yields impressive returns.

    As we look over your property, we’ll take every aspect of the experience we’re crafting into consideration. From incorporating hotel-quality linen to ensuring the beds are adorned with sheets that impress, we understand that when it comes to transforming a property into a five-star Airbnb, even the finest details matter.

    Maintaining Your Property

    Dapper Designs

    Enhancing guest experiences means creating an interior design plan that will make your property shine. We’ll send one of our Home Styling Professionals to get the job done, ensuring all of the furniture, amenities, and décor are sorted properly.

    Professional Listings

    Professional Listings

    We’ll send in our professional photographers to take the best photos and have our wordsmiths craft a listing description, optimizing your listing and pushing for online view conversions in the process. Bookings will be made as a result of these efforts.

    Fast Installation

    Fast Installation

    Style is one of the major working components of attracting bookings and with our unique styling, expertly sourced furniture, and lightning fast installations, we’ll have your listing up in no time at all.

    “Breezybnb” is synonymous with “Style”

    With our knowledge of styling properties, we understand that properties vary. What works for some might not work for others. This is why we have our Home Styling Professionals ready to provide their expertise and inventive flair. We’re bringing forth some serious style to ensure your property impresses guests upon their arrival. We’ll incorporate the utmost style and furnish your property in a way that allows it to reach its full potential by maximizing your nightly returns.

    We’re styling worldwide

    Hong Kong Island? Cozy house nestled out in Noosa? Chic apartment-living in the city? Anywhere you’ve purchased an investment property, we can have our Interior decorating professionals come out and transform it into an attractive Airbnb property that’s ready to boost those returns.

    Making it happen.

    Breezybnb has beyond capable designers that will take your empty investment property and create a five star Airbnb. As we work tirelessly, we handle everything that you need done to ensure your property is ready for guests. This means we’ll have your property completely furnished in style, professionally photographed, and listed online. Your property will become the appealing short-term rental your guests are looking for, welcoming them with the style and sophistication they expect

    Top tier design, affordable pricing, & satisfaction guaranteed

    We’re making life easy for investors. With our Property Setup Packages, we don’t leave anything out. Simplicity at its finest.

    Property Setup Packages


    At just $7,950 to completely style and furnish a one bedroom property, this is an absolute steal. It includes furniture sourcing, interior design, installation, and anything else needed to ensure your property provides guests with the welcome they’re expecting.