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    White Label Airbnb Management

    Give your clients an innovative way to earn rental incomes without giving up your property management income.

    Breezybnb’s White Label service takes the hassle out of short stay management while allowing your agency to keep its revenue stream.

    Breezybnb's White Label

    As Airbnb becomes a dominating force in the real estate industry, the time is now. The pie is growing and your agency needs a piece of it. With our reliable digital platform, you’re gaining more than a partnership; you’re gaining resources that will help you expand your empire.

    Your income is your income, your clients are your clients, and your business will be made better with our support. Make the switch to Airbnb with Breezybnb for a constant rent roll your agency can enjoy without the hassle. We do the heavy lifting and make short-term rentals a breeze.

    Expand Your Reach

    Client Retention

    With so many people considering making the Airbnb rentals switch, retaining clients has never been more important than it is right now! We understand the importance of client retention. Let Breezybnb help you keep your clients by offering them the high returns they expect.

    Host Protection

    Rental Revenue Preservation

    Breezybnb takes the hassle out of property management while allowing your agency to keep its impressive revenue stream. Your commission income goes in your pocket while we take care of your guests. Keep your pockets full and drop the stress of property management. Hassle-free property management is a breeze with Brezybnb!

    Professional Listings

    Attractive Innovation

    With our innovative digital platform, we’re changing the real estate industry for the better. You’ll earn and retain your clients’ business as we provide them with the insight they need to make the informed investment decisions they’ll profit from. Happy clients remain faithful, meaning these innovations will give your agency the client retention it needs to dominate this industry.

    Short-Term Property Management, Long-Term Partners.

    Keep your clients and continue earning when you partner with us.


    Your Clients, Our Support

    We’re firm in the belief that your clients are your clients. Our support brings you closer to them without being overbearing. You’ll maintain full access to their property performance, keeping you up-to-date and in-touch. Become the agency your landlords can depend on without the extra stress.

    Online Platforms

    Your Revenue, Our Platform

    Ongoing commissions continue for every property you’re short-term leasing through the Breezybnb platform, allowing the diversification of your agency’s income streams. Our platform makes listing your short-term rentals easier than ever and opens your property to new markets.

    Analyze the local regulations

    Easy Sales Referrals

    Client relationships are important, but receiving referrals allows you to grow your agency. Through Breezybnb, property investors refer vendors and purchasers of real estate. Keeping your clients is great, but you want to grow while maintaining these relationships. Expand your agency with more off-market listings, more commissions, and more success stories.


    Nurture Your Relationships

    We understand that relationships are important. Diversifying business income streams means building and maintaining the relationships you make along the way. You’ll find these meaningful relationships contribute to client retention.

    Your clients are yours to keep, allowing you to foster those relationships. We handle the hassle that comes with day-to-day management, bringing investors the high returns they expect.

    Get Involved

    Get Involved

    We’re seeing an incredible growth of over 500% in Hong Kong & Australia, showing that we’re just in the beginning stages of where this market will go. This growth is impressive and we’re expecting some serious expansion in this industry.

    Why should the other agencies listing with Airbnb take your rental roll? Gain the access you need to this growing market through Breezybnb and keep your rent roll rolling.

    Property Inspections

    The Options

    Options are fantastic but without them, the other agencies steal your win. The sad truth is that if you’re not in it to win it, then you’re missing out on the Asian tourism boom. Investors can now either list their property as a traditional long-term lease or shift towards a digital platform to make the most off of this boom. With Breezybnb, you can now give your clients precisely what they need while you earn your commissions. Regardless of what your clients choose to do, your agency wins.

    Let’s Get Started.

    It’s time. Take your property management agency to the next level with us. Let’s discuss how we can boost your agency with Airbnb.