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    What Is Airbnb Instant Book All About?

    Home Blog What Is Airbnb Instant Book All About?
    hotel front view for airbnb instant booking

    Travelers love Airbnb. They love the affordable prices and convenient booking options. Airbnb hosts also love Airbnb. They love the option of making extra money and using their home as a rental property investment. Hosts also love the control they have over the property, they appreciate that they can set guidelines for the rules in the home, block off dates for availability, and approve or decline guests based on their ratings.

    Airbnb offers different options for the hosts to manage their bookings. Hosts can change their settings so they can approve bookings, or, leave their schedule available for Instant Book. Instant Book options may be convenient for some hosts, depending on their personal preference and their current situation. For others, Instant Book may seem to be an inconvenience.  Hosts and travelers who are looking to do Airbnb Instant Book may find this article helpful, it outlines the basics of Airbnb’s Instant Book option and it offers some insight on whether or not Airbnb Instant Book is the right option for you.

    What Is Airbnb Instant Book?

    Airbnb Instant Book is a fast booking option for Airbnb users. Instant booking allows guests to book listings immediately, without approval from hosts. With the Airbnb Instant Book option, users can choose the dates of their stay and directly communicate details with the host immediately.

    modern set up of a hotel lounge airbnb hostingAirbnb Instant Book is quick and easy. Guests can use the filter option on the site to search only for spaces which offer instant booking. The instant booking option is great for last-minute travelers. Users are required to have an Airbnb profile and an Airbnb login to use the instant booking option. Guests are not charged an extra fee for the Airbnb Instant Book option, and hosts do not lose any profit from accepting guests instantly.

    Airbnb Instant Book can attract several different types of guests. Last minute travelers are attracted to the idea of being able to book without having to wait for approval. People on business trips may benefit from booking without any additional hassles. Locals who are having an issue with their home may book with Instant Book for a quick place to stay.

    Hosts may use Airbnb Instant Book when they are trying to fill a space immediately. Some hosts find it tedious to read guests’ profiles and respond to booking requests, so they simply leave the instant booking option on. Airbnb Instant Book applies to all of the open nights on an Airbnb host’s calendar. Instant Book also takes into account any requirements listed by the host on the bookings. As long as the guest fulfills the requirement, the booking will be approved.

    Benefits of Airbnb Instant Book

    Airbnb Instant Book can be very convenient for both guests and hosts. If you’re wondering “Should I use Instant Book on Airbnb?” then here are a few benefits and reasons why people choose to go with the Airbnb same day booking option.

    Benefits Of Airbnb Instant Book For Guests

    1. Easy And Can Be Booked On Mobile Devices – Users have the opportunity to book a space with just a click of a button. All a traveler will need is access to wifi and they can book anything from a small apartment to an entire villa. This option is perfect for digital nomads and people who travel often between cities.
    2. Perfect For Business Travelers – Assistants and secretaries who are booking spaces for their boss’s business trip love instant booking. Instant booking offers a fast and concise way of booking space and accessing all information about the space in a seamless manner.
    3. Avoids Opportunities Of Unfair Disapprovals – Airbnb Instant Book leaves no room for guests to feel that the host denied them for unjustified reasons.

    Benefits of Airbnb Instant Book For Hosts

    1. More Money For Hosts – Hosts who allow instant booking usually receive double the amount of bookings than those who do not. Too many bookings to handle? An Airbnb real estate manager will help you manage your listing, maximize your profits and save time on property management.

    2. Instant Book Enforces Guidelines And Regulations – Although Airbnb Instant Book is a quick and easy option for guests, it still protects hosts’ safety and privacy by allowing them to create guidelines and rules for guests to book with instant booking.
    3. Owners Have An Opportunity To Gain More Reviews With Airbnb Instant Book – Instant booking means more bookings for hosts. More bookings for hosts lead to an increase in reviews. Airbnb reviews allow for owners to move up in status and continue to improve their rating based on the reviews from their guests.

    Disadvantages of Airbnb Instant Book

    L-shaped swimming pool of a hotel airbnb hosting

    For some, Airbnb Instant Book may not be the best option. Instant Book does not give owners a chance to review the guest’s profile or past reviews. Here are a few disadvantages of the instant booking option:

    Disadvantages Of Airbnb Instant Book For Guests

    1. Guests need to be prepared to receive information from their Airbnb host immediately after booking. This can at times become confusing if guests have several questions and requirements for their booking choice. Guests who are not satisfied with their host’s information and rules after booking may be subject to fees for cancellation.
    2. May Cause Confusion During the Check-In Process: Guests will need to understand how to check into their unit immediately after booking. For guests who are looking for a place on the same day, miscommunication issues could possibly cause confusion during the check-in process.

    Disadvantages Of Airbnb Instant Book For Hosts

    1. Instant Booking May Lead To Increased Cancellations: When guests use Airbnb Instant Book they may not fully read all of the house rules and regulations, this may lead to an increase in cancellations for a host’s booking. Airbnb hosting with the instant booking option can lead to a loss of open dates and marketing dates.
    2. Instant Book May Cause Confusion and Inconvenience: For Airbnb hosts, instant booking can become tedious if last minute guests on the go do not take in consideration check-in and check-out times.

    Tip: Hosts should be sure to turn off Airbnb Instant Book when they are not open for it. Too many cancellations from hosts may lead to penalties from the Airbnb administration.

    Who Should Use Airbnb Instant Book?

    white couch in airbnb living roomIf you are an Airbnb host you should use Airbnb Instant Book if:

    • You are looking to book spaces quickly and gain more money.
    • You feel comfortable with guests coming in without reviewing their profiles.
    • You are booking for very short stays which will allow for less chance for issues with guests.

    Airbnb Guests Should Use Instant Book If:

    • You are in a rush and need to book immediately
    • You are looking to bypass the process of waiting for the Airbnb host’s approval and you feel comfortable with the information and guidelines available on the listing page.

    Who Should Not Use Instant Book On Airbnb?

    Airbnb hosts should not use instant booking if:

    • You feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar and unfiltered guests.
    • If you have a shared space that may require notification of residence before accepting an Airbnb guest.

    Can Hosts Cancel An Airbnb Instant Book?

    When hosts turn on the Airbnb instant booking option, they do not lose all control of the booking. Hosts can set conditions for guests to use the instant booking option. Hosts do have the ability to cancel an Airbnb instant booking but they are faced with penalties from the Airbnb administration.

    Airbnb instant booking is a great way for hosts to promote a new space and gain reviews. Hosts can gain major financial benefits by accepting more guests at a faster pace. Use an Airbnb property management company to maximize your profits on Airbnb. Breezybnb will manage your instant bookings and enhance your Airbnb profile.


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